When Sleeping Women Wake…Don’t Wake Them!

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”

We’ve all seen this Chinese proverb. It can be interpreted in many different ways.

First of all, I would like to say that if you ever see a sleeping woman in real life – DO NOT WAKE HER!

In fact, the nice thing to do would be to make sure she has a nice pillow and perhaps leave her a glass of water so that she can hydrate when she wakes. Then, quietly walk away.

Supporting her in her dream state is a great way to support her in her waking life.

When women are supported with creating a vision for their future and they are able to be in motion to make it happen, the sustainability of the entire planet benefits.

The first step the woman is ready to make could be a well-deserved siesta in the middle of a challenging day. The good news is – her well-being and healthier mental state can benefit everyone around her. This siesta is a revolutionary act.

We do not always need to be in motion physically.

If we take this quote literally and really dissect it: A woman does not stop creating when her eyes are closed and she is in a slumber.

Don’t ever, ever doubt that sleeping woman. You don’t know what she can do with the energy of that mountain!

Photo taken on a solo year-long trek to South America in 2005 in Patagonia, Argentina.