Slow Everything Movement (Part 3)

There are times I really do have a need for a specific product delivered to my door (as I am limiting my outside adventures).

If I decide that YES, I really do need THINGX (the name of my made-up product) and I have already checked out all the places I could possibly purchase a USED version (by researching re-use/marketplace sites in my local area), I go straight to the company website.

Amazon is good for research – to find product specs – but I don’t usually put too much weight on the reviews. I am a person who (usually) knows what I want. I’m not a “shopper.”

Believe it or not – the company websites all have the technology I need to purchase the items in need without adding more cash into the pockets of a trillionaire.

I will probably have to wait a few extra days to receive THINGX but I do not consider this a big challenge. I will do my best to find the endorphin rush in other areas, like exercise.

I’m not saying that this shift has been easy. While I’m not a shopper, I can be a big procrastinator since shopping does not bring me pleasure. So, sometimes I miss the window for having my THINGX delivered before a self-created deadline.

That happens and it’s ok. I usually continue breathing!

I have realized that I don’t need immediate results for everything and this is my form of “Slow Shopping,” similar to the “Slow Food” and the Slow Everything Movement.

This is just a small way to shift some habits and patterns as I break up with my Relationship to Convenience.

Have you had any shifts in your “Relationship To Convenience” this week?