Breaking Up Your Relationship To Convenience (Part 2)

How is the break up going?

Have you had a clean break?

Are you reaching out for “just one more time.” We’ve all been there.

I feel you.

We’ve been in this Relationship to Convenience for a long time and new habits are hard to start-but it will be satisfying. I promise!

Here’s what I do when I’m just about to go back for more convenience

As I inhale, I really think about my need for THINGX.

The little pop-ups that tell me that if I order a THINGX within 3 hours and my questioningly-necessary product will be delivered to me in 17 hours is very attractive.

I feel a huge desire for the temporary shot of endorphins to rush through my body when I click “buy”!

However, there is nothing I need today.

I exhale.

Tomorrow, I will ask myself:

“ ? ?”

Is it well-made, or will it break soon and end up in the landfill soon, like too many other products similar to THINGX?”

When I am about to click BUY NOW, I ask myself, “Will I be adding to the world’s trash problem with this purchase?”

What if everyone broke up their relationship to convenience at the same time?

That would be my kind of pandemic.