Adios 2021: Reflect, Process and Practice for a Powerful Future

Are you ready to rock 2022 and let go of all the things that have been holding you back and weighing you down?

Do you feel like you had all these great ideas earlier in the year but your momentum slowed as time went on?

Before I get into it all, I just want to remind you that it’s ok to feel tired. It is a completely understandable feeling to be going through these days.

AND there could also be times where your energy is high, you feel great, you feel clear about your future and everything is awesome.

So you might be on a bit of a rollercoaster.

I am going to outline three steps you can take that will support you in seeing everything you’ve experienced in the past year as a foundation for your future.

The three main pieces are Reflecting, Processing and Practicing.

First of all, start this journey from a place of compassion. This is not a time to be hard on yourself.


I am not recommending that you live in the past or RElive the past. I am a big advocate of continuously moving forward into the future. Some of the experiences might have been painful so rehashing every bit could be far from helpful. AND, if you’re able, reflection on the past can be a useful way to make positive changes in life as you assess and evaluate the decisions you’ve made before the current moment.

When you take time to reflect – there are just so many areas to dig into: relationship, parenting, career, lifestyle, contribution to your community – it’s really endless.

This part is all about you carving out the time in your busy life to sit down and BE. This might be the hardest part of all of this for women with highly dynamic lives. Reflection time is important, so make it a priority.


I created a fast and sweet way to get some things out of your head and your memory and create a whole picture of where you’ve been over a specific period of time.

Contact me for a handy pdf with questions that will get you reflecting.

As you are writing your answers, ask yourself, “what did I learn from this experience? What did I learn from this conversation?”


When you are complete with everything you want to write, take a moment to really let it all sink in.

Celebrate the opportunities. Give yourself credit for all of your amazingness. Let go of the things that felt frustrating or you didn’t feel as though you accomplished – and take another look at all the things you DID accomplish.

Think back over the past year with a positive spirit. Are there positive lessons to be learned from even your most negative experiences?

This is a constant practice and it will help to shape your brain and support you in creating a strong foundation for your future.

I hope these ideas support you in using the past and the present as guides for the future.

When we allow ourselves to use these insights to refine our purpose, mission and intentions for the future, we are stronger.

I am dedicated to helping you create a plan for your post-pandemic future so that you feel confident, balanced, and powerful.

Set up a time to talk with me about how you can be more intentional about building time for reflection into your life.