A Way To Conserve The World’s Resources (Part 1)

Our need for convenience has really messed up our planet.

We’ve trained ourselves to need THINGX (my made-up Amazon product) delivered to our doorstep on the same day or sometimes we might need to wait for it until the next day. How agonizing!

We don’t need anything FAST (or new, even!) 99% of the time.

In light of world events, we’re seeing that it’s time to go to the next level with the conservation of resources.

I remember sharing with some close people in my life about how I thought that Amazon is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and that the company will be a player in the massive ecosystem destruction of the planet.

These people thought I was being too extreme…

…because nobody wants their convenience taken away.

Yet almost every week I’m reading a report about how the company is negatively affecting communities, from mom & pops shops closing TO fatal accidents as a result of delivery drivers having insane quotas they need to reach TO not taking responsibility for human rights issues within their supply chain TO offering an incredibly inhumane sick-leave policy for their huge team of employees that are considered “essential workers” (& approx. 20,000 have contracted Covid19).

Yes, the INCONVENIENCE that I’ve experienced by NOT using Amazon Prime is real.

What is more inconvenient is climate change, Covid19, & human rights. These world-changing issues are bigger than my uncomfortability.

If you are able…

can you break up with your relationship to convenience? You can take it slowly. I don’t want to hurry you.

I’m going to share two scenarios in the coming posts that will help you get through this.

<Note: I know that it is not always possible to shop small &/or local as a result of physical, financial & geographical challenges.>

What steps can you take TODAY to break up with your relationship to convenience?