A Tip For Flying Out of the Nest

What stops you from spreading your wings so you can fly?

Sometimes when I am feeling scared or nervous about starting something or moving towards something I want, I picture myself as a little bird at the edge of a nest, high above a tree. 

The mom bird behind me knows that once I make a move to fly out of the safe and secure nest, I will flap my wings and the momentum will take over. 

I will fly.

Perhaps my first flying trip isn’t that long and I find myself back in the nest. I can collect myself, take a breath, learn from any of the mistakes I might have made, and try again. 

As I move out of the nest again, I become more confident and I get farther with my progress. My trips out of the nest become longer with more experience and knowledge.  

What stops you from taking that first leap and starting something new? 

Is it a fear of failure (you will crash into the ground if you mess up), overwhelm (which way to go once I’m out of this nest?), or a crushing mix of thoughts and feelings that create so much heaviness you can’t move?

Even if you don’t have a specific goal or place you want to reach in mind, it is still helpful to do this one life-changing thing for yourself:

Write down or think about five things you want to do that will get you to where you want to be. 

THEN, choose the one item that you think will take the least amount of work/time yet you know in your heart will have the highest impact on your happiness.

Give yourself an hour within the next 24 hours to focus specifically on completing this ONE item. This practice, called “time-blocking,” is crucial to supporting your brain into taking action. 

Once you make this initial movement and complete the first task – note how you feel. Do you feel lighter and more mentally spacious at the end of the hour of focus? 

You might not complete that first item in an hour – but even focusing for one hour is better than nothing!

I create the visual picture shared above in my head when I want to start a new project or practice something that is out of my usual routine – yet it is something I desire to integrate into my daily habits.  

You might find that the priority of the remaining four items could change with the new information created by completing the first.

This first movement out of the cozy “nest” will create the important momentum you need to spread your wings and fly. 

It might not all happen on the same day, but we’re not in a rush. What is important is continually creating momentum so you feel great about spreading your wings.

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