Design your post-pandemic comeback and embrace confidence, energy, and passion for life.


You women had momentum.
You were shining. You were in the flow.

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I’m Nikki Pava, and I love helping women like you get clear on what you want to create in your life. Sometimes you need help reconnecting to your spark and the magic within. I create a space for you to reflect, recharge and go into the future in a powerful way.

Let’s Face It

In the past 1.5 years women have taken on an additional load
as the operations of entire households shifted.

It’s been brutal.

Now that we see a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel,
you’re ready to take on the Universe –
or just complete a creative project that’s been lingering in your brain.

That would feel equally amazing.

You’re feeling frustrated and unclear.

Getting to where you want to
go in life feels a little overwhelming.

You have a choice to make – it is time to OWN your future and create a clear vision for yourself with power and intention.

I’m here to help, friend!


Benefits & Outcomes

Nikki’s ability to have compassion for my own negative narrative while holding space and vision for what she knew I was capable of instilled a sense of confidence in myself I was finding elusive. Her transparency and vulnerability in sharing some of her own struggles in similar areas grounded our work in reality, a shared humanity and knowing her many accomplishments helped to reduce my experience of being alone.

Jesse Dunn

Nikki brings out the best in people. She is a clear voice of reason and a wellspring of empathy for women exploring their authentic path in the post-COVID world.

She was able to make a dent in my stubborn limiting beliefs that were holding me back by cultivating a safe and sacred container for my hopes and fears to come forth and be looked at with fierce compassion.

Nikki is truly a natural coach and guide with the innate ability to encourage, support and inspire the people around her.

Cathy Goertz

I completely get where you are in life these days!

I have had periods of my life where I felt as though I was rockin’ all the things: parenthood, partnership, career, exercise, eating. I was in the flow!

And to be honest, I’ve also had times in life where I felt like everything was jumbled and I wasn’t getting anywhere with absolutely anything.

My confidence and happiness tanked. I felt agitated by other humans and/or current events easily.

I realized that having a clear plan for my future was necessary for a human like me to function well.

Once I realized that I don’t need to handle everything in one day AND that there were other people out there in the world who could support me, life completely changed for the better.

My approach is to help you map out the small steps that will help you feel more focused and lighter – the weight of the world is not on your shoulders alone!

How We Can Work Together

I will be creating alongside you, acting as your biggest cheerleader and serving as an impartial and loving sounding board as you navigate through thoughts and decisions that create action in your life.

If you’re ready to reconnect with that beautiful spark you once felt, let’s hang out and make some magic in five weeks! 

I can help you redesign your life so that you feel calmer, peaceful and alive!

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