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My sustainability journey began 5,000 miles from home. While working for the Japan Times, I had the unique opportunity to live in major business hubs across the globe—Berlin, Bangkok, Dubai—and interview the CEOs and managing directors of some of the biggest companies in the world.

In each, I asked about their companies’ business model, their customers, and the next new exciting product they were launching. I also always asked about their companies’ social and environmental initiatives.

More often than not, my interviewee’s face would turn blank and a rapid shift in conversation topic was sure to follow.

Almost none of these industry leaders had made climate change awareness a legitimate factor of their business model or developed a “green” strategy for the future.

Knowing the monumental influence of business on people, cultures, and societies, I realized that the world was in need of a global transformation of “business as usual.”

In 2008, I completed a degree at the Presidio School of Management and earned an MBA in Sustainable Business. The year before I co-founded EcoTuesday, a national networking forum that facilitated vital connections and essential change in the business community. EcoTuesday hosted more than 300 events in 12 cities across the country and brought together hundreds of sustainability professionals, making a positive impact in each city.

Since then, I have had the honor to work with companies big and small, and I love working with businesses to start, engage, and energize their Sustainability Teams.

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Nikki Pava is the founder of Alegria Partners.

Alegria Partners

New Book Release

Green Wisdom

A Guide for Anyone to Start, Engage and Energize a Sustainability Team














Green Wisdom Book

What can you do to inspire and lead a team to design regenerative strategies and systemic solutions – and also have a lot of fun?


Throughout the business world, Sustainability Teams are helping their companies make more than soaps, servers, and non-stop flights. With every dumpster dive, lunch and learn, community-powered river restoration project, and donated book, they are changing the way business works.

This book explores how more than ten companies have leveraged the work of their Sustainability Team and integrated the group’s initiatives into their operations. They provide leadership to their company’s ISO 14001 strategy, B Corp application process, or Global Reporting Initiative programs, building valuable brand awareness and tapping new corners of the market.

Sustainability Team leaders share their Green Wisdom—how their teams originated, how they embed their work into the corporate business model, how they re-inspire members when momentum decreases, and the best practices they use to promote team unity.

The leaders who compose the teams aren’t external consultants or Silicon Valley fixers. They are comprised of warehouse workers and flight attendants, CEOs and salespeople. The diversity of their roles matches the diversity of the problems that face them and the solutions they create.

Companies featured include Alaska Airlines, Alter Eco, B Corp, Badger Balm, Better World Books, Dr. Bronner’s, Genentech, Interface, New Resource Bank, Nutiva, Mountain Rose Herbs, Salesforce, and Self-Help Credit Union.

Green Wisdom: A Guide for Anyone to Start, Engage and Energize a Sustainability Team inspires sustainability leaders to do good, to create valuable and engaging initiatives for employees, and to show the same level of commitment to their company’s social and environmental values as they dedicate to making a profit.



Published Articles



My customized programs cover topics such as:

  • How an employee engagement program can impact your company
  • Women’s leadership in sustainability
  • Powerfully creating a vision for your sustainability team
  • and more…

I am available to speak at your organization, workshop, conference or panel. See below for past speaking events.

The Sustainable Business Leaders Networking Forum – over 400 events in 5 years EcoTuesday
Envision Festival 2018 Costa Rica
Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference Harvard University
Speaker/Panelist, Women in Green Forum Women in Green Forum
The Secret to Creating a Vision to Fuel Your Work & Life/October 2013 FEM Talks
”When Leaders Have “A-ha” Moments and Change Their Paths” Un Noche de Soluciones (Costa Rica)
The Rise of Women in Sustainability New Living Expo (San Francisco)
“Women In Energy” Connectivity Week
Energy, Climate, and Sustainability: Going Green San Francisco Small Business Week
The Rise of Women in Sustainability Women in Cleantech and Sustainability
The Rise of Sustainable Business Practices & How Companies Can Embrace the Triple Bottom Line San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Shifts In Your Mindset To Attract A Dream Career The Big Shift Experience
The Sustainable Business Leaders Networking Forum – over 400 events in 5 years San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
The Rise of Sustainable Business Practices & How Companies Can Embrace the Triple Bottom Line San Francisco Small Business Association
The benefits of networking and how social media can impact your business and career 415 Mixer
Greening Your Business Boot Camp Women’s Initiative Conference
Green The City San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR)

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